Have you always been self-conscious about chipped, worn, or damaged teeth?

The health of your gums plays a critical role in overall oral health since they act as a barrier against the environment. They protect your teeth from cavity formation below the gum line and reduce the risk of bacteria and tartar buildup around the tooth root. If you have suffered the effects of gum disease and have receding gums or infected gums, you may need to undergo a series of periodontal treatments to restore your gum health. We perform a number of advanced periodontal treatments, including scaling and root planing therapy and gingivectomy at our practice to prevent worsening periodontal disease as seen below.

Periodontal Disease

Advanced Periodontal Care From an Experienced Team

Dr. Brian Fabb and Dr. Christine Altrock serve patients with a full range of periodontal care services. We perform advanced procedures using the latest technologies to eliminate an infection in the mouth, allow the gums to heal and regenerate, and reduce the risk of infection in the future. Our periodontal services include:

If you have missing teeth and some bone or gum tissue loss, we may need to perform a ridge augmentation or preservation procedure to rebuild the contours of the gums. This restores any indentations in the gums and can improve the overall functioning and aesthetics of the mouth.

We may recommend a series of periodontal maintenance treatments to deep clean the teeth and reduce the risk of gum disease in the future. If you have had gum disease, we will have you come in for a series of periodontal maintenance treatments to help you maintain optimal oral health.

Scaling and root planing therapy is a nonsurgical treatment for removing plaque and tartar deposits around the teeth. It is especially effective for treating the early stages of gum disease and can reduce periodontal pocket depth by up to 3 millimeters. We use ultrasonic tools to break down calculus deposits, deep clean below the gum line, and smooth out rough surfaces.

When other periodontal treatments have failed, we may recommend a gingivectomy to reduce pocket depth between the teeth. This procedure involves reshaping and removing diseased gum tissue so the gums can heal.

Learn more about the scaling and root planing procedure, gingivectomy, and other periodontal procedures by scheduling your appointment with one of our doctors today!